Stranger Fucks Teacher in Public School Toilet with Intense Orgasm

Today I had very risky sex with a stranger in the school public bathroom.

I sucked his big cock and after putting on the condom he fucked me on the toilet until I reached a wonderful and intense orgasm.

To thank him, I gave him a blowjob until he cums with my tongue.

Having sex in a public place is very exciting, many students went to the bathroom next to us and risked getting caught.

Will we repeat the scene with the door open next time? 🙂 🙂

Kisses Creamy

Dogging my wife in public car parking and jerks off an voyeur after work

This afternoon after work I stopped in a parking-car lot frequented by couples and voyeurs.

I didn’t wait too long and a voyeur slowly approached my car.

The situation was very exciting, cars passed a short distance away and many people were walking a few meters from us.

I gave him a very risky handjob it was all very exciting. Someone will surely have seen us 🙂

Next time I will try to give a blowjob to another stranger.

Kisses Creamy

Risky Public Blowjob in Shower Cabin. Almost Caught … People around!!!

This video was made this summer in a small town near the sea.

We have chosen a place with a lot of people to make everything much more exciting and transgressive, as we like it.

We went into a shower cabin with a lot of people around, there was also an operator who cleaned the showers, we took the one in front.

It was great to give a blowjob with other people around us and risk getting caught 🙂

Kisses Creamy